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4 Incredible Reasons to Integrate Massage Therapy In Your Workout Regimen

By on 5 February 2018 click here to comment

“Summer is right around the corner; the tried and true fitness enthusiasts are spending most of the time in gym.” ... continue reading

9 Ways How Massage Therapy Can Help Relieve Stress

By on 25 December 2017 click here to comment

Whether you are going through a stressful time in your life or have ongoing stress that makes you anxious and depressed, experiencing massage therapy offers many stress relief benefits. A regular massage lets you experience mental, spiritual and physical relief from the unwanted stresses of life. ... continue reading

Do You Have Bad Posture? Regular Massage Can Help!

By on 18 December 2017 click here to comment

Whether it is an office desk job or standing jobs, staying in the same posture for long hours can result in tension in the lower back and neck. "Our necks and backs hurt, and poor posture is the No. 1 culprit," says Janice N... continue reading

Massage is Beneficial for Your Overall Well-Being at Work- Increases Focus and Productivity

By on 11 December 2017 click here to comment

For most people, massage is considered a luxury item. Little do they realise that massage is a therapy for the body, mind and spirit. However, observing a number of studies associated with health benefits of... continue reading

5 Unexpected Health Benefits of Foot Massage

By on 4 December 2017 click here to comment

Most of us spend the majority of the day on our feet and getting a good foot massage before bedtime will take away the tiredness and helps you accomplish a state of deep relaxation. Feet are one of the most important parts of the human body. They support your weight day in and day out, keep you mo... continue reading

Massage- It’s Much More than a Relaxing Experience

By on 27 November 2017 click here to comment

Massage is not just about pampering, it’s considered a healthy approach towards life. A massage offers time away from life’s chaotic events, the type of relaxation you probably only get on holiday, and some good old fashioned pampering. ... continue reading

Massage- a Natural Pain Reliever

By on 20 November 2017 click here to comment

Getting a regular massage can work wonders for human health- relieve muscle tension, back pain and takes away life’s stresses. While many of you will see massage as a luxury treat, it is considered an essence for good health, physical and physiological. ... continue reading

Put a Stop to Unwanted Stress with a Soothing Massage

By on 13 November 2017 click here to comment

Life is really uncertain today. Nobody knows what kind of situation a person may have to face in the upcoming hours of the day. Whether you may face trouble due to financial issues, work pressure or relationship problems, you might have to undergo some kind of mental stress. ... continue reading

How Massage Can Help Footballers

By on 6 November 2017 click here to comment

Footballers are highly prone to injuries- the damages such as sprains, fractures, breaks and more can cause real problems on the pitch. Though some injuries are inescapable, many problems footballers face can be easily be avoided with the help of a sports massage. ... continue reading

A Massage Chair for the Elderly- Improve Health, Relieve Stress, and Regain Energy

By on 2 October 2017 click here to comment

It goes without saying that the elderly face a decline in their general health. In addition, they can go through different mental and emotional problems ranging from loneliness, depression, and isolation. The decrease in physical activity can be a vital reason behind deteriorating physical and mental health in senior citizens. A massage is a great alternative treatment for the elderly. It offers an incredibly relaxing experience, takes away stress, and provides relief from physical pain. ... continue reading

7 Surprising Benefits of Getting a Regular Massage

By on 25 September 2017 click here to comment

Massage is no longer a luxury only available at expensive hotels and spas. It is now considered a soothing and relaxing treatment that helps people find relief from pain, anxiety, diabetes, cancer, and heart problems. In addition, a regular massage proves beneficial for your skin, controls blood pressure, and enhances the function of the urinary and digestive systems. ... continue reading

Sports Massage: How Often Should You Get One

By on 11 September 2017 click here to comment

“A sports massage is a preventative and healing treatment option for injuries to the muscles and tendons.” Incorporating a regular massage in an athlete’s training regime helps prepare their bodies for optimal performance.... continue reading

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