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08 December 2016 Tradies's dream I bought this chair for my husband who is a tradie and has all over body soreness and fatigue at the end of his work day. He absolutely loves it and uses it daily. It covers all his sore spots from his neck to his toes. I'm not really a massage person but after trying it the first time, I'm hooked too - especially the tingling fe... continue reading


11 October 2016 Excellent Chair for my Parents I purchased this chair for my elderly parents use, they're both farmers that work hard in a remote spot of New Zealand. It has been great to help ease the aches and pains of 50 years on a farm! Delivery wasn't a problem, even to such a remote area! It came very well packed and was easy enough to assemble myself, it'... continue reading

5 STAR RATING by Maxine

14 September 2016 Love my chair! We recently purchased our Remedial Deluxe Plus massage chair as I have suffered with back pain for years and I can't get over the difference it has made to my wellbeing. I have increased mobility and have to admit and almost pain free. The chair is the best purchase I have ever made and am so glad I decided to outlay the money fo... continue reading

5 STAR RATING by Christina

05 July 2016 This is my first time sitting in a massage chair, it is incredible! I love the functions of how the airbags do my arms and legs because I stand up the whole day when I am at work. Now I come home, I just sit in my awesome chair relaxing my body from all the hard work! Very high quality chair! By Christina... continue reading

5 STAR RATING by Gordon Sheriff

11 November 2014 To say that I am happy is an understatement, I am still discovering what this chair can do. Also I am very impressed with the folk who sold this chair to me ( the sunshine coast). I use the chair daily changing the numerous options available to me. I almost need to pinch myself that I own such a highly advanced article such as this. Brilliant value for money----- what more can one say. ... continue reading

5 STAR RATING by Nataliej

13 November 2013 I bought this chair last year after trying to decide between it and the physio + chair. It's quite big but fits snugly in my living area. Love coming home to a professional massage every day - nothing beats it! Only problem is having to get to the chair before my hubby does! by Nataliej... continue reading