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5 STAR RATING by Brad Hampel

July 2017 Why would you ever go anywhere else! Service & chairs INCREDIBLE! I want more! By Brad Hampel... continue reading

5 STAR RATING by David Svent

July 2017 The chair is amazing . The whole family loves it. The whole buying experience and delivery was exceptional. They came in set it all up and left and took all the rubbish with them. Great follow up service too. Would highly recommend this chair to anyone looking for a quality massage chair at a reasonable price. Looking forward to many years of usage. By David Svent... continue reading

5 STAR RATING by Chris Jellis

July 2017 Awesome chair and great service - I use it every day and have definitely improved my mobility and freedom in my back By Chris Jellis... continue reading

5 STAR RATING by Richard Lam

01 May 2017 I bought the Chiropractic Massage Chair online and the chair was delivered on time as promised. It is a basic model, but it serves the purpose. I am using it everyday and really love it. Another good point is that chair came with three years on site warranty. So, I don't have to worry at least for three years. After the chair was delivered, I have recieved a few follow phone calls from the customer service department to check and asked for comment. I am impressed of the good work... continue reading

5 STAR RATING by Joffa Dolan

20 April 2017 Absolutely wonderful service from tim and all at masseuse massage Very professional and always there to help and available at any time Ben w... continue reading

5 STAR RATING by Trish Jensen

19 April 2017 Just like to thank the team for outstanding service, from ordering, delivery, installation and after sales service. I purchased the Health Plus for a fantastic price, it's a good quality chair and works like a dream. Now I can use it every day to work on those tight muscles and relax. By Trish Jensen... continue reading

5 STAR RATING by Marion Barresi

12 April 2017 Fantastic Service and very good quality chairs By Marion Barresi... continue reading

5 STAR RATING by Antony Hollenberg

16 March 2017 By Antony Hollenberg... continue reading

5 STAR RATING by Aleisha Lush

16 March 2017 By Aleisha Lush... continue reading

5 STAR RATING by Robbie Hunter

16 March 2017 By Robbie Hunter... continue reading

5 STAR RATING by Nick Danson

16 March 2017 By Nick Danson... continue reading

5 STAR RATING by Holly King

16 March 2017 By Holly King... continue reading

5 STAR RATING by Justyn Randall

06 February 2017 The best service I have had in years. Chloe spent forever with me in the showroom answering all my questions and helping me out. I was a little scared because I had never looked for a massage chair before. Spoke to a few other places but when I found these guys I felt extremely comfortable and they didn't let me down. 5 star on every part of the experience. I have had chronic back pain and bad circulation in my legs for years. I cannot believe the change in my body since I g... continue reading

5 STAR RATING by Jemma Gray

14 October 2016 Awesome customer service! I was unsure about buying a massage chair online without having seen it however the owner of the company put my mind at rest and gave me total confidence when he spent almost an hour on the phone describing the different chairs and their features to work out which one would suit me best. The chair arrived as described and was installed by a lovely man who showed me how to use it. Loved dealing with a locally based Australian company and I absolutely... continue reading

5 STAR RATING by Zan Ristov

27 September 2016 I wish there was a way to put a photo up here :) it will be self explanatory of how satisfied we at the Megantic office are with Masseuse Massage's Remedial Beige Chair. An absolute enjoyment and pleasure to take the load off the day. It's simply amazing, couldn't recommend it more, I wish we bought it earlier. By Zan Ristov... continue reading

5 STAR RATING by Maxine Parsons

14 September 2016 We recently purchased our Remedial Deluxe Plus massage chair as I have suffered with back pain for years and I can't get over the difference it has made to my wellbeing. I have increased mobility and have to admit and almost pain free. The chair is the best purchase I have ever made and am so glad I decided to outlay the money for it -well worth it. The guys at Masseuse were also amazing, they came in on a Sunday even though they don't actually open on weekends and arranged... continue reading

5 STAR RATING by Jason Smith

14 September 2016 Purchased a Floor Model for a ridiculously great price and LOVE IT! Great chair, great service, highly recommend Masseuse Massage if you are looking for a massage chair. By Jason Smith... continue reading

5 STAR RATING by Daniel Handcock

31 August 2016 Loving my Ultimate Chiro! Its the best! By Daniel Handcock... continue reading

5 STAR RATING by Laura Petrie

25 August 2016 I recently bought a "Remedial Deluxe" chair and it has seriously changed my life! The service was really professional & the installation guys were awesome. I have recommended Masseuse to a number of family & friends and will continue to do so! By Laura Petrie... continue reading

5 STAR RATING by Lan Huang

08 August 2016 Best massage chair ever! The rollers at the back are amazing! It helps my back pain. I am always excited to go home sit down in my massage chair after a hard day work. Best decision ever! Thank you Masseuse Team. By Lan Huang... continue reading