Many of us consider massage a relaxing and soothing therapy that helps us unwind after a tiring day at work. However, studies reveal that massage is a non-invasive, enjoyable way to help alleviate the symptoms of many age-related diseases and improves a person's quality of life. Elderly massage offers numerous health benefits which help improve their physical and mental well-being.   

When we age, we become less active and this reduction in physical activity contributes to the reduction of the quality of life experienced by many of our seniors. Many studies have shown that elderly massage therapy can be of significant benefit in managing the effects of ageing such as arthritis and a host of other physical ailments. According to the Touch Research Institute, elderly massage is very useful for the treatment of Alzheimer's patients. It has shown to facilitate relaxation and communication.

Reduction In Stiffness and Joint Pain- Most elderly people experience some amount of joint and muscle stiffness, especially after vigorous activity. The gentle massage movements help mobilise the joints and muscles while reducing inflammation. This can gradually improve their range of motion.

Help Arthritis Patients- Massage therapy is a common form of treatment for older people with arthritis. A recent study compared the effects of eight weeks of massage therapy for people with arthritis against people who did not receive massage therapy. This study found that people who got regular massages had pain improve by 23 points over their baseline, while stiffness improved by 21 points and physical disability improved by more than 20 points.

Improve Circulation- Senior care experts agree that one of the greatest benefits of massage for seniors is its ability to improve circulation. Seniors are more susceptible to circulatory problems, particularly diabetics, and regular massage and exercise can prevent complications of diabetes.

Emotional Wellbeing- A 2010 study found that seniors who receive massage therapy score better in terms of emotional wellbeing. Massage can reduce feelings of depression and stress, and promote the feeling of wellness and contentment.

Better Sleep- The elderly who receive regular massages also report deeper, longer sleep. This is important because it’s during sleep that the body repairs and regenerates, and good quality sleep improves overall wellbeing.

So, getting a massage regularly will boost your elderly parent’s health and provides the perfect balance needed for an individual’s health to thrive. 

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