December 2017

Thank you - glad to promote your product.

I will again take this opportunity to thank Chloe, Hala and yourself for the very fine 'Customer' Service you gave me.

When I first phoned Chloe, she was very keen to listen to my needs and explain the differences in chairs (as I am in a district that we cannot get to 'try first). She was extremely patient and very considerate and new the product well. She did not come through to me as a 'sales pitch' but more of a valued information person who wanted to let me know what the chairs were and how good they were.

The second person I spoke to was Hala, who also was incredible in her assistance and patience. There was no 'hard sell' from either girl. This was to me, a good service and at no time did either girl make me feel that I was taking up there time.

I want to congratulate you also, because when you heard that my delivery had been incorrectly messed up, you had the upfront attitude of calling me straight away to tell me so. This could not have been an easy call for you to make, but the fact that you called me straight away after finding out was paramount to my acceptance and patience in the delivery schedule. You were honest and above board which I found refreshing.

I congratulate you, Chloe and Hala for great communication and customer service and if anyone else is interested in a massage chair I will definately put your Company forward.

By Jenny Cameron

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