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Weight Loss? Reduce Body Fat and Tone Up with Massage

By on 26 May 2017 click here to comment

Are you someone who is looking for natural ways to lose weight? The best answer is massage. As we all know, a massage is a perfect therapy to relax tired muscles. Caught amidst a number of activities, long working hours, relationship troubles etc. making time for a rejuvenating massage is the right approach. &nbs... continue reading

Uncover the Surprising Benefits of Massage Therapy

By on 18 May 2017 click here to comment

Massage therapy has been known from ancient times and well admired for delivering countless benefits. Regular massage can provide relief to all pain and discomforts. ... continue reading

Can Regular Massage Help Relieve Anxiety, Depression?

By on 9 May 2017 click here to comment

Stress is inevitable; owing to our present lives- relationship problems, financial troubles etc. are quite common. And, it is almost impossible to take away all the stress and anxiety we may feel on a day-to-day basis. Research says more than 90 percent of illness occurs from stress alone. The prolonged occurrence of stress can cause a number of major health issues such as heart diseases, abnormal working of immune system, etc. ... continue reading

Keep Muscles Strong During Winters with a Massage Therapy

By on 2 May 2017 click here to comment

During the winter season, everybody prefers to go to hibernate mode. We certainly refrain ourselves to perform normal activities and instead choose to cuddle in the warm blanket. Shorter days, longer nights, and cold temperature lead to less movement. This can also result in muscle stiffness. So, it is vital to keep your muscles moving by availing a massage therapy. Obviously, inactivity can start affecting your flexibility and muscle strength. Lesser body movement during winters can result in body and muscle stiffness and less mobility. Therefore, if you spend less time outdoors or do not follow any fitness regime during the winter, consider taking a regular massage for sure. Schedule an appointment with your masseur every month to keep... continue reading

Reap the Healthy Benefits of Foot Massage

By on 25 April 2017 click here to comment

Foot massage has been practiced from ancient times to promote calmness, good health and well-being. Today, it is valued more than ever before. A massage therapy is taken as a harmonizing and alternative medicine adopted by countless people to relieve pain, decrease stress and anxiety, restore injuries and lift general health. The exercise of foot massage consists of applying pressure to certain points o... continue reading

Stressed Out? Massage is All You Need.

By on 18 April 2017 click here to comment

In today’s fast moving society, where an individual is preoccupied with several important tasks and busy work schedules, family life commitments, etc. finding time for oneself is really challenging. But, taking a break from your routine life is sometimes necessary. All those work responsibilities, family chores etc. can sometimes take its toll, leaving you stressed. ... continue reading

How a Foot Massage Can Benefit You!

By on 11 April 2017 click here to comment

Our feet do a tremendous job for us. They tolerate the brunt of morning jog and bear immeasurable evenings in sore shoes. Irrespective of all this, we are least bothered about our feet. It is imperative to take proper care of them! A healing foot massage can surprisingly benefit you enormously! Foot massages achieve the following: Releases Stress and Anxiety- A foot massage is relaxing, and can e... continue reading

Relax with a Good Massage after a Strenuous Workout

By on 5 April 2017 click here to comment

Working out regularly is essential to maintaining good health. It can keep you fit, energetic, and away from health problems. Taking a massage is an effective way to relax and rejuvenate, especially after a tiresome workout session. It can bestow an extensive number of advantages, including: Improved Flexibility- When you exercise, your muscles get strongly constricted, thus packing on enormous tension. A post workout massage can release muscle tension and brings you to the normal state. This can also improve flexibility, enabling you to perform everyday tasks easily, s... continue reading

Massage Therapy is Beneficial to Treat Children with Autism

By on 30 March 2017 click here to comment

Autism has been around for decades, but in today’s age, our society has become more familiar with it. While each person with this condition shows unique characteristics, most struggle with social interaction, behaviour and language. Children with autism lack attachment, feel isolated, get distracted easily, are hyperactive and have a negative emotional response to touch sensations. Many individuals with autism can show adverse responses to touch, although massage therapy can be not only accepted, but a really effective approach to relieve common physical and mental ailments related with autism.... continue reading

Massage Therapy is a Key to Sound Sleep

By on 22 March 2017 click here to comment

There is nothing in this world that can replace a good night’s sleep. A 6 to 8 hours sleep is necessary for healthy function and cognitive ability. Unfortunately, a large number of people do not get the required restorative sleep. You must have experienced sleep issues at certain point of your life, dips in professional performance, weight gain, difficult time with the family, and even substance abuse. Exhaustion and problems with concentration are generally the first to manifest. This also impacts the health, mood, and overall well-being of the individuals. For years, insomnia has long been treated with sleep aids and drugs, but according to a new research, it has been observed that people are able to sleep properly with a natural option, i.e. Massage Therapy. &nb... continue reading

Improve your Body Immunity with a Soothing and Relaxing Massage

By on 16 March 2017 click here to comment

Getting sick can take you away from doing your important tasks. You feel lethargic, uneasy, and low. If you get sick frequently, your body’s immunity decreases. Therefore, it might be unable to fight against bacteria and other harmful microbes. Taking medicines can help you, but they can cause side-effects too. So, try the primitive, natural, and effective healing method, massage therapy! It can bestow a myriad range of benefits, including increased serotonin levels, relaxation, improved blood flow, muscle relaxation, and many more. Our immune system fights off viruses and bacteria for us, however it can be compromised for various reasons. Studies highlighted that massage therapy can augment the body’s ability to fight off attackers and prevent illness. ... continue reading

Massage Chairs and Meditation- Perfect Blend to Lower Stress and Promote Positivity

By on 10 March 2017 click here to comment

With the introduction of massage chairs, getting a soothing and relaxing therapy is easier than ever. There is no need to make appointments and wait in queues. You can get a soothing massage in the comfort of your own home. Build on cutting-edge technology - featuring innovative designs, a massage chair provides several physical and physiological benefits for the human health. How stress affects human body? ... continue reading

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